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2-Minutes Strawberry Sorbet

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Your favorite sorbet in just 2 minutes, without added sugar and without an ice cream maker! All you need are frozen fruits and a powerful blender (or a large bowl and a hand blender).
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Servings: 4


  • 500 g frozen strawberries


  • If you don't already have frozen strawberries at home, cut fresh fruit into small pieces (they will blend more easily) and put them in the freezer overnight.
  • Store-bought frozen strawberries are often whole. If this is the case, rinse them under hot water for a few seconds (no longer than 10s, otherwise you will end up with a smoothie and not a sorbet).
  • Place the strawberries in your blender* and blend until a sorbet forms (you may need to scrape the sides once). If you don't have a powerful blender, use a large bowl and a hand blender.


* If you have a smaller, less powerful blender, I would not recommend using it for this recipe, as the frozen strawberries will probably stick to the sides and not be blended properly. In this case, using a hand blender may be more practical.
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