With Orange & Lemon Juice

Refreshing Aperol Cocktail

What to expect

Super refreshing Fruity, zesty & tangy Different from a Spritz No cocktail equipment needed

Gin Aperol  Simple syrup Lemon juice Orange juice


Step 1

If you don't have simple syrup, microwave equal parts of water and sugar for 2-5 minutes.

Step 2

To sugar rim the glasses, dip the glass in lemon juice.

Step 3

Then, dip it in sugar without doing circular motions.

Step 4

Fill the glass with 3-4 large ice cubes.

Step 5

Pour 1 part of gin and 1 part of simple syrup into the glass.

Step 6

Add 3 parts of Aperol.

Step 7

Juice the orange and the lemon. Add 5 parts of lemon juice.

Step 8

Finally, pour in 5 parts of orange juice. Give it a good stir.

Save this recipe for a hot summer day!