Spring Rolls With Rice Paper

How to make

Shredded carrots

Fresh mint

Soybean sprouts

Cucumber sticks


Shredded cabbage

Glass noodles


Dip the rice paper sheet in a large bowl filled with hot water. No need to wait for the sheet to soften, you can take it out while it's still a little stiff.

Step 1

Add your fillings. Place all your ingredients close to the end of the sheet. Don't overfill it. Add some mint leaves at the end of the sheet for decor.

Step 2

Start rolling by pulling the bottom of the wrapper over the ingredients while holding them in place with 2 fingers.

Step 3

Roll and tuck the sheet under the ingredients with two fingers. It should be tight but not too tight to avoid the rice sheet from tearing.

Step 4

Fold the edges over the middle of the roll. The fold should be right where the ingredients stop.

Step 5

Finally, roll it up.The rice sheet will stick on its own.

Step 6

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Don't forget to make peanut sauce for dipping!