Homemade Falafel Recipe

What to expect

Easy falafels From canned chickpeas In a food processor

Canned chickpeas





Sunflower seeds


Whole chickpeas OR chickpea flour

Step 1

Grind the chickpeas into a flour if you're using dried chickpeas vs chickpea flour.

Step 2

Mix the herbs and chickpea flour in a food processor.

Step 3

Add in the canned chickpeas, oats, sunflower seeds, spices, and lemon juice.

Step 4

Add water to help the blending process (1 tablespoon at a time).

Step 5

Roll 2-3 tablespoons of the chickpea mixture into a falafel patty.

Step 6

Cook the falafel on the grill or in a hot pan with a little oil.

Step 7

Flip the falafels and cook for another 5-7 minutes until crispy.

My personal hot tip: Serve them in a burger with garlic sauce!

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